Creating a Postcard Wall


Today I thought I would share how to create a simple ‘postcard wall’. My boyfriend and I have collected so many postcards from museums, art galleries, holidays, etc which we kept in a tin. This seemed silly as some of them hold such great memories or are simply nice to look at. At a few smaller galleries we had seen bulldog clips used to hold prints and photos so we thought this idea would be great for some of our postcards. You can pick these sort of bulldog clips up from stationery shops and we decided to start with four to see if we liked the look of them of the wall. We also thought we could change the postcards every so often to showcase our favourites. All I did was to measure 4 equal distances on a plain white wall, bang some thin silver nails into the wall and hang the bulldog clip with the postcard clipped in onto the nail. Simple! I think this bulldog clip idea would also look good using bigger clips on larger pictures. You could also do several rows of smaller bulldog clips if you wanted to display more pictures.


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