A Few New Things

Today I would share a few new things I have bought over the past couple of months!

afewnewthings3afewnewthings61. Cacti and Succulents – I bought four more little plants to add to my ever growing collection. I wanted some smaller ones to decorate my new shelves. I picked up the three in the white pots from IKEA and the individual succulent from ALDI, of all places, for just 99p!

afewnewthings5afewnewthings42. Round Ceramic Pot – To go with my new succulent I, of course, needed a new pot to plant it in and found the perfect piece from Cow and Co. Cafe for only £5.50. Such a gorgeous little handmade pot!

afewnewthings23. Wooden Step – Another IKEA purchase! I had been after this step for a while especially as we store things on top of our kitchen cabinets and they are quite high and hard to reach. Plus this cute little step doubles up as a side table.

afewnewthings4. IKEA Condiments – This might seem like a bit of weird purchase to get excited about but I love perusing the food section of IKEA particularly because the packaging is very simplistic and attractive. And most importantly both sauces taste delicious especially on hotdogs.

afewnewthings8afewnewthings75. Cacti-Shaped Stationery – In case you didn’t realise I am a fan of cacti and succulents so when I saw these cute mini cacti rubbers and matching pen in Tiger I couldn’t resist picking them up for my new workspace.


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