Charity Shop Finds

hornseajarhornseajar2strawberrybowl2strawberrybowlcaketinciderjugsciderjugs3celerypotOn a gloriously sunny day a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I walked over to Allerton to browse the numerous charity shops there. Allerton is such a pretty suburb of Liverpool and the high street parade of shops includes a butcher, fishmonger, green grocer, lots of cute cafes, artisanal bakery and, of course, the charity shops where you can always find a vintage treasure or two. Today I thought I would share some of the bits and pieces I picked up. First of all is another Hornsea jar from the ‘Heirloom’ collection, an enamel dish decorated with strawberries, a springform cake tin and a postcard sized picture frame. Next I found 2 old cider jugs –  we already had 1 so the 3 of them look really good on top of the bookcase. My final purchase was a vase in the shape of celery and matches an onion pot a friends had bought me for my birthday.


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