Review: John Whaite Bakes





I received this book a while ago from a friend for my birthday. Its written by one of the winners of the Great British Bake Off, John Whaite, and his collection of recipes relate back to his past experiences with food, events in his life involving food and his love of food and baking. I particularly like how many of the recipes are influenced by Italy as this is the subject John studied at university, I feel this adds a real personal touch. Whilst I do find the chapter names a bit annoying as you don’t know what to expect from each chapter the wonderful array of baked goods does make up for this. As with any good baking book John offers his tips on how to get the best from your ingredients and how to master intimidating baking techniques. The book is split into foundation recipes, such as pastries, food to calm, food to cheer, food for love, food for tranquility, food in a hurry, food for indulgence, trickier bakes and party food. I would definitely turn to this book if I wanted to bake something, sweet or savoury, that was a little bit different and uses interesting flavour combinations. Recipes to try out: bunch of roses madelines, curried halloumi, spinach and potato pithivier, lemon macarons, nutty cookies and chorizo and manchego mini scones.


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