Review: Eat by Nigel Slater






Another review of another Nigel Slater book and one that I would wholeheartedly recommend buying. The book is split into several different sections according the method of serving, eating or cooking. At the beginning of each chapter Nigel offers tips and tricks to getting the best out of that particular method of cooking or eating along with a few informal recipes which are his favourite for that method. Eat isn’t a typical recipe book as for each recipe there are at least 2 or 3 suggestions for variations of that recipe which is good if you weren’t keen on an aspect of the original recipe. Like all Nigel Slater recipes they are very simple and quick to rustle up. Its a very good book to turn to if you have ingredients in the kitchen you think you could make a meal out of but aren’t sure as you can look up recipes by main ingredient. The focus is on everyday eating and nothing is too showy or complicated. Expect simple twists on ‘blueprint’ classics. On my ‘to cook’ list: Vietnamese prawn baguettes, artichokes with cannelini beans, pork and mango kebabs, lentil bolognaise, spiced mushrooms on naan.


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