New In: Danish Floral Charted Designs by Gerda Bengtsson


I came across this book of designs through Allison Maestri’s Pinterest (she also has a great blog where I got a lot of inspiration from but unfortunately she doesn’t seem to post on there any more) which led me to Hazelnut’s blog. On it she has a post on this book as well as some of the designs she has stitched up from it (I also really enjoyed her post on Cross Stitch Patterns by Misako Murayama. The design she stitched up is so lovely, I want to get my hands on a copy of the book but everywhere I have looked its around £50, which is insane). The simple colours and designs really appealed to me especially the dandelion, Iceland poppy and cowslip which I think I will stitch up as a trio. Unlike a lot of floral designs they are not twee and old-fashioned rather they have a sort of 70s feel created by a limited colour palette and simple designs. Thee are several other designs, such as the berries and more delicate flowers, which would also look great as trios. The only minor issue I have is that there aren’t colour photographs of all of the designs meaning you can’t visualise exactly what they would look like. I guess you could google the flower you were interested in to get an idea of it.


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