Review: New York Cult Recipes






This is a fantastically put together book by Marc Grossman. The recipes are easy to follow and fun to whip up! As Grossman is a through and through New Yorker, reading this book you get a real insight into the life and culture of such a vibrant electric city. The book is split into different eating times of the day; coffee, breakfast, lunch, snack, any times and extras (mayonnaise, ketchup, bread rolls, etc). There is also a list of landmark New York restaurants and a corresponding map which is handy if you are planning a trip to the island. As well as the classic and cult recipes there is a whole host of photographs depicting New York life, eateries and the food. You will get a real flavour for the multi-ethnic and diverse population of this city after flicking through this recipe book. Expect recipes such as: buttermilk pancakes, babka, matzo ball soup, meatloaf and gravy, smores and pork buns.


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