Drying Chillis




My aunty gave us a chilli plant to look after and it has produced so many little chillis! We didn’t want to waste any so in an attempt to eat as many as possible we have hung some up to dry by threading them onto some cotton and hanging them in the window. For me, who isn’t a massive fan of heat, they have just a lovely amount of spice and you can use a few at a time.


2 thoughts on “Drying Chillis

  1. (Lightheartedly) When I saw your post…I was thinking to myself where’s her yard? There’s no grass! Then after reading about the chillis I thought to myself how cool is that to see how differently someone lives in a different part of the country from me–like climate wise (I’m getting ready for snow tires and recently watched my garden..well, wilt for the winter). It’s amazing how we can take things like where we live for granted and just think everyone lives the same! (LOL Hope you didn’t mind my little stream of consciousness pre- morning coffee post! haha) And those are some good lookin’ chillis too…they’re pretty pricey here since they really aren’t grown in Toronto naturally.

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