For a while now I have really enjoyed buying prints and adding to my collection from various sources such as, charity shops and independent shops. It all started with my owl print which I bought from a pop-up shop in Liverpool. Its only 1 of 65 which makes it even more special and I particularly like the limited colour palette. The second picture I found in a charity shop for about £3 and I really like the vintage feel to this poster. My boyfriend bought me my third and fourth prints from his best friend’s brother and etsy respectively. His friend’s brother is a tattoo artist but also does prints too. The print from etsy is of Fantastic Mr Fox and his wife in the style of the Wes Anderson-directed film (I’m not sure of the name of the etsy shop as it was a gift). The final set of prints are also from etsy from a fantastic artist called Oh Gosh Cindy. The characters in the prints are also from a Wes Anderson-directed film, Moonrise Kingdom. I can’t wait to have them all hung up permanently as at the minute I have to rotate between them.


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