USA Photo Diary: Part 3

In the third and final instalment of my USA photo diary I will be sharing pictures I took in whilst in Washington D.C., New York and Boston. These were probably three of my favourite places that we visited as the history in each was amazing.

Washington D.C.

For us, Washington D.C. was all about seeing the multiple memorials and the historic buildings. Going to the nation’s capital was a really interesting as we got to learn a lot about the history of the USA and how it came to be. The memorials and museums were also amazing as everything was free, the best museum, in my opinion, was the National Museum of the American Indian. This is a part of American history which particularly interests me so it was fun to go and learn more about it.







New York

We stayed for two weeks in New York because we knew there would be a lot things we wanted to do whilst there including museums, gigs, generally just walking about different neighbourhoods, famous buildings and trying out some of the hundreds of bars and restaurants available. One of my favourite things that we did was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see the skyline from across the Hudson.







Boston was the final place we visited and one of the most picture-perfect. The architecture was absolutely stunning and very historic, it felt like one of the oldest places in America and some of it felt like you were back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. We stayed right on the coast with an amazing view of the sea, it was lovely just to walk around the area.






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