Bon Appetit

bonappetitsaladWhilst staying with my boyfriend’s family in Virginia I came across the magazine Bon Appetit. It is a magazine dedicated to all things food; fresh new recipes, restaurant reviews and recommendations, practical tips as well as interviews with chefs and restaurant owners. As a bit of a foody myself I was absolutely taken with Bon Appetit and devoured every copy to hand, making notes of recipes I liked and restaurants which looked appealing. We actually got to try out a couple of recipes from a recent issue as the family we were staying with also enjoyed cooking (they had an amazing selection of cookery books which I desperately wanted to flick though). In the end we made a tomato salad (as there hundreds growing outside!) with a roasted lemon dressing and pan-fried scallops in tomato water (the sauce was literally just the juice of the fresh tomatoes). The meal was delicious; so fresh which is something I really enjoy when eating home cooked meals especially in the summer.

I would really recommend checking out their website as there are hundreds of recipes all searchable by ingredient. It is also worth following the magazine on twitter (@bonappetit) as they tweet recipe ideas throughout the day.

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