Craft Inspiration

Travelling around America proved to be an excellent of way of picking up inspiration of new crafts to try out once I was back. Everywhere I went there were recipes I wanted to cook, things I wanted to stitch, interiors I wanted to attempt to replicate so I tried to jot a few of these things or photograph them to keep them fresh in my memory. A lot of these are food-related as 95% of the food we ate was so delicious.

1. Bake fresh cinnamon rolls – these seemed to be on offer everywhere- from 7/11 to artisan bakeries. I had never tried one before I came away but once I had I was hooked! It also made me determined to give them a go myself.

2. Make greetings cards from pressed flowers/herbs – I have pressed flowers before and loved the results but never really knew what to do with them. At the Monticello gift shop, however, I came across some really lovely and simple greetings cards decorated with pressed flowers and herbs with the name of each delicately written at the bottom. It seemed such a great way to display and share pressed flowers.

3. Pickle vegetables – Americans seemed to love their pickle vegetables; every sandwich was served with a gigantic pickle spear, huge jars of just about every vegetable were on sale at supermarkets. Naturally this got me envisioning myself pickling veg in huge Mason jars and being able to eat delicious homemade pickles whenever I fancied. I picked up various pickling tips along the way so will be trying them out soon.

4. Make my own silhouettes – this is another Monticello-inspired craft. On display throughout the house were these delicately made and pretty intricate silhouettes of family members and friends of the Jefferson’s. They looked so good on display instead of photographs it made me want to give it a go. ( I also have a craft knife which I bought months ago and am still yet to use so this seems like perfect opportunity.)

5. Bake peach and cinnamon muffins – American supermarkets are pretty at providing fresh produce for you to buy including freshly baked goods. During the final week of the trip I tried the most delicious muffin ever in a flavour I didn’t think would be that good; peach and cinnamon. But I was very wrong! It was amazing. The peaches had been roasted so that they were gooey and sweet, cinnamon gave a lovely warming spice and the whole thing was topped with a strudel type layer. All in all I wanted to try and replicate them at home.

6. Astrology embroidery – while in Chicago we went to Picthfork music festival which also hosted Coterie, a craft fair, as well as the live music. One of the stalls which particularly caught my eye was How Could You? This stall specialised in astrology embroidery; perfect constellations of star signs were embroidered using silver or gold thread onto dark blue material and then framed in an embroidery hoop. I was absolutely taken with this idea and was thinking of making something similar for a friends upcoming birthday.

7. Make Lebanese food – in Seattle we ate the most amazing Lebanese food I’ve ever tried (I would also say the best meal of the whole trip!). I love cooking and eating Lebanese food anyway so my boyfriend and I thought it would be a lovely idea to cook up our version of the food we ate that night for our family. Of course it will never be as good as that meal but it is worth a shot!

2 thoughts on “Craft Inspiration

  1. Good to hear you are back from your travels, it sounds as though you had a really good time. The peach and cinnamon muffin sounds delicious, I wonder if you put much weight on. Love Jane

    1. Thanks Jane, I did have a really good time! Haha I did put some weight on, mainly from drinking lovely American beer and eating fries. Hope you and Bob are well xx

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