Cross Stitch by Dorothy Wood

This is on the most comprehensive and detailed cross stitch guides I have come across. It gives the reader all the skills and techniques to complete 150 practical projects; “practical” because the majority are made into something that can be used. This book even charts the history of cross stitch and the book is split up into four chapters each focussing on a different time period; Antique and Medieval, Traditional, Folk Art and Contemporary. Here is my pick of a fantastic selection of designs.

Lady in the Tower; this simplistic design was inspired by rich colours of a medieval illuminated manuscript.


Fantasy Waistcoat; I’m not sure I would actually sew this design onto a waistcoat but the design is lovely.

csdwood9Medieval Clock; this design was inspired by colourful stained glass windows found in medieval churches. I am such a fan of sewing on black material.


Jewellery box; a Charles Rennie Mackintosh design. I think this would look great simply framed.


Embroidered slippers; a pretty rose motif is used to jazz up a plain pair of slippers. I would never hve thought to do this but it is something I definitely considering.



Cottage garden tea cosy; I like this Southern-belle inspired design.


Christmas decorations; I think have found the Christmas decorations to make this year! The Victorian-style designs are beautiful.


Heart vine wreath; these Scandinavian-inspired hearts would look great as a garland too.


Mexican toy bag; I think this design has to be my favourite out of them all. I was drawn to it instantly because of the simple colours and designs.








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