Birthday Gifts

Yet again my friends and family proved how much they know me by giving me some brilliant craft-related gifts. From my aunt and uncle I recieved a fantastic cross stitch kit by Jane Greenoff. The kit is for an antique-style map of the world. I have been obsessed with this kit since I saw it at the 2012 Knitting and Stitching Fair. I have promised my mum that I will finish her welcome banner before embarking on this project but I am itching to begin!


My next craft-related gift is Beatrix Potter counted cross stitch of Benjamin Bunny. It is part of the same range as my Peter Rabbit so they will look lovely hanging together as a pair.


Lastly were two books. The first is by Dorothy Wood and is a comprehensive guide to all things cross stitch. There are in Cross Stitch several designs which have already caught my eye but I will do a seperate post on this book soon.


The second book and final present is a book called Lost Crafts by Una McGovern. It is a book which explores and rediscovers traditional skills such as making cider, making chairs and carving Welsh love spoons. This is a truly fascinating book and I will doing a seperate post on this one too.


Thank you to all my friends and family who bought me such amazing gifts!


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