13 Days Until Christmas…

…and I have been decorating baubles with beads. When at the Knitting and Stitching Fair a couple of weeks ago I came across the The Spellbound Bead Company‘s stall and was really tempted to buy one of their Christmas kits for decorating baubles, in particular their “sweetheart bauble”. I decided against it as I had already bought quite a lot of things but my aunty surprised with me the pattern, loads of beads, thread and a needle needed for the project. From looking at some of the projects on The Spellbound Bead Company’s stall I thought it would be incredibly difficult to get to grips with beading but the pattern was really detailed and it was really fun to make this bauble. So fun, in fact, that I quickly made another for my mum. On The Spellbound Bead Company’s website they sell a book of 15 patterns specifically for baubles so I might pick that up. Although the patterns are specified as “Christmas” I think if you change the colours they would make lovely decorations all year round so I am going to keep an eye out for cheap baubles in the Christmas sales.






This is the second bauble I made using a combination of red, purple and pink beads. I made this for my mum and hung it on our big tree, I wonder if she has noticed it is there!







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