Waste Canvas: Mini Tote Bag

One of the stalls which gave me inspiration was one that demonstrated how to jazz up plain tote bags using embroidery. The tote bahes were mini in size so I thought they would be perfect for using with waste canvas to sew my design on. Additionally I thought they would make perfect gift bags for Christmas as birthday presents.


The inspiration I found at the Knitting and Stitching Fair

I found a lovely pattern in the most recent issue of Cross Stitcher (273) by designer Marjorie Massey (I am now seriously coveting her Made In France:Cross-Stitch Samplers book). For the tote bag I used the Egyptian cotton I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Fair; as it is a bundle of off-cuts there was luckily a couple of pieces perfect for the body and handles of the bag. I folded a larger piece in half for the body the bag and a thinner piece into 4 for the handles. Once I had finished cross-stitching the design on the front (using waste canvas) I pinned the sides together, adding seam allowance to the side and the top. I then sewed the handles together and pinned to the top of the bag and then proceeded to sew the body of the bag together. Although I did sew an ‘x’ where the handles joined the main body of the bag I don’t think this bag would be suitable for any heavy-lifting!


Full of presents!






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