29 Days Until Christmas…

…and today’s post features three Christmas tree baubles. The patterns are from ‘Scandi Style’ pattern book free with a Christmas edition of Cross Stitcher last year. The designs caught my eye when I first saw them last year and marked the pages as something to consider one Christmas. I decided to stitch three of the patterns up for my Christmas baskets I am making for family. Unfortunately there is an error in the pattern book as it does not contain one of the patterns but after googling I found it here on the Cross Stitcher website (I think there was an error during printing!). I love Scandi-inspired cross stitch patterns as the colour schemes and designs are very simple; each of the designs I worked with only used two colours and took a few hours to make.


I thought I would include how to make the baubles too.

First of all I trimmed the finished pieces. I marked an inch from the edge of each design to make sure I had a good amount of seam allowance. I then pinned each piece to white material then red gingham and cut the material to size.



Next I sandwiched the stitched piece in the middle of the white fabric and the gingham right sides together and pinned a loop of red ribbon inside so it could hang on a tree. Then, using a sewing machine I sewed the three materials together leaving about a 2 inch gap at the bottom. Afterwards I turned the piece the right way out, stuffed with polyester stuffing and pinned close the gap. Using white thread I then sewed closed the gap adding a little gold bell to the bottom as I went.







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