76 Days Until Christmas…

…and I am already buying supplies for the Christmas presents and decorations I intend to make. No Christmas craft session could be complete without a trip to Dainty Supplies, a brilliant craft shop near where I live. Everything there is reasonably priced and of high quality so it is always my first stop for craft supplies.

First on my list was thread, for Christmas projects and for the Welcome Banner I am in the middle of making. I also picked up some red ribbon and some bells as I want to make red and white themed Christmas tree decorations in a Scandinavian style.


Next on my list were baskets to display my Christmas gifts. I tried to pick some up last year but couldn’t find any but this year I had more luck. I also bought an assortment of different sized doilies for various projects to make lace-esque patterns. I thought it would make a great template to place on top of a cake, sprinkle icing sugar over and then remove to produce a lacey pattern in icing sugar.


The final item on my list was a HUGE bag of stuffing for my Christmas decorations and cushions I may make in the future.


What supplies will you be buying this year for your Christmas crafts?


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