Christmas Cake: Which to Make?

I have really been enjoying baking this year which has influenced me to make my own Christmas cake but the only question is which recipe do I use?

There are three options open to me

  1. Delia Smith’s Classic Christmas Cake recipe from Delia Smith’s Christmas. This is a 21 year old recipe with a rich, dark and moist texture.
  2. Mary Berry’s Classic Rich Christmas Cake recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. Mary describes this cake as a “wonderful, rich traditional fruit cake”. I like how it can be made up to three months in advance in order for it to be ‘fed’ with brandy and for it to mature.
  3. My great-nan’s Christmas Cake recipe

All three are tried and tested recipes which promise excellent results. I am more drawn towards the third recipe because it has been handed down through the family yet the Mary Berry recipe also appeals to me because her recipes always, without fail, work and produce outstanding bakes.


My family recipe


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