Finished Project: Felt Owl Keyring

This month’s free gift with CrossStitcher was such a little cutey. It consisted of felt and soluble canvas. I was excited to start this project because I have never used any sort of waste or soluble canvas before and have wanted to try it out for ages. In order for you to be able to cross stitch onto the felt you had to pin the square of soluble canvas onto the felt, stitch up the design and then soak in warm water for the canvas to dissolve leaving you with perfect cross stitches. Once that was done it was simply a case of sewing up the owl and stuffing him (or her). I really like the result and would definitely use soluble canvas again, maybe for a Christmas project. The one problem I had with the soluble canvas is that it left the felt feeling quite stiff once it had dissolved.


The finished guy!


2 thoughts on “Finished Project: Felt Owl Keyring

    1. It’s such a good way of incorporating cross stitch into other makes as sometimes cross stitching on aida/evenweave can be a bit samey. Hopefully I can figure out a way of using soluble canvas in a Christmas project. Thanks for commenting and reading.

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