DIY Noticeboard

I had been coming across noticeboards using ribbon as the method of keeping pictures attached to the board for a while and really wanted one of my own for when I was too lazy to get pins from the drawer.I searched on pinterest for some more inspiration and possible how-tos for creating this kind of noticeboard.

noticeboard3pinterest inspiration


See Kate Forman for more

I then saw a very plain and cheap noticeboard in Wilkinsons (possibly my favourite shop) and decided to do a DIY. In order to turn a plain noticeboard into a bit of a jazzier one I used white paint, a sponge (in the picture there is a paintbrush but I decided to use a sponge for a more speckled effect), some black ribbon and some silver pins.


First, I dabbed a light covering of white paint all over the board to see what kind of coverage the paint had.


I then gave it another light covering, leaving a slightly speckled look.


Then, with the help of my friend I attached the black ribbon in a criss cross pattern using silver pins.


Next, I hung it on the wall and slotted in some photographs and pictures.


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