Storyland Cross Stitch

My boyfriend very kindly bought me the book I was raving about in a post earlier this month and it came today! I know I say this about pretty much every book I buy but I literally want to make everything from this book. Like all good cross stitch books it describes the basic how-tos as well as the materials and equipment needed for the projects. One of the best features of this book is that it is split into difficulty levels and provides in-depth instructions for completing each of the 15 projects. It also comes with a piece of material and a skein of black embroidery thread meaning you can get to work straight away on something. I think I will be stitching up the jackalope’s head over the bank holiday weekend.

storylandxstitchThe third hardest level in the book


The free kit which came with the book


The jackalope head I am planning to make this weekend (top pattern)


One thought on “Storyland Cross Stitch

  1. Love the animal heads and the banner will be magnificent when complete. I imagine you will have a few more hours working on that one!

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