Mains & Merveilles Point de Croix Douces Vacances

After buying a German cross stitch magazine whilst in Berlin a couple of months ago it made me keen to look for a French cross stitch magazine whilst on holiday in France. I sourced one at the local newsagent called Mains & Merveilles, I think it is a special summer edition as most of the projects are seaside or summer-themed. Unfortunately German and French cross stitch magazines don’t appear to be as good as British ones; the patterns are much more twee and much less modern. There were, however, two patterns which caught my eye. The first is a lovely flower design which in the magazine has been sewn then attached to a summer hat. The design is simple and uses an effective range of colours to make this pattern summery.


The second pattern is Alsace-inspired (a region of France). I thought the fact that it is influenced by a region of France made this pattern particularly appealing as it captures a specific area in cross stitch.



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