Anna Maria Horner’s Needleworks Notebook


After wanting this book for months I finally bought it a couple of weeks ago and have not regretted it. Although I have not actually made any of the projects I have my eye on a couple that I want to try out once I have finished my on-going projects. The book is split into two sections; grid works and free works. Grid works is then further subdivided into cross stitch and needlepoint and free works is subdivided into embroidery and crewel. This gives a great range of projects to try and a number of needlework types to master. Each section details the materials and tools needed such as the different canvases which can be used for needlepoint. There are also some really handy practical points about how to transfer your designs on to material, how to do a range of free hand stitches and how to create your own grid-work patterns using software. This is a great book to have on hand if you are unsure of how to finish a certain stitch when hand-embroidering or how to finish off your finished projects. It was also really interesting to gain an insight into the background and stories behind Anna Maria Horner’s projects and love for needlework. Both her grandmothers and her mum encouraged her to engage with needlework as they used it to decorate everyday household items. I, too, was encouraged to cross stitch by my grandma. Its lovely to gain something so creative from your family.


The pattern I am most keen to stitch up!


One of the crewel projects.


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