How to…Make Bunting

Bunting is an excellent way to brighten up a room or a party and can be made relatively cheaply. I made some a while ago and ever since my sister has been asking me to make her some. I have, however, had a lot of university work, work and other crafts which have taken up my time recently. I decided I would teach my sister how to make bunting so that way I could do other things whilst she made the bunting and she would get the satisfaction of making her own decoration.

To make your own bunting you will need the following:

  • scissors (a pair to cut paper and a pair to cut material)
  • scrap paper
  • pencil and ruler
  • pins
  • material in 3 different colours
  • a sewing machine and thread (or a needle and thread)
  • bias binding (about 2 or 3 metres)
  • an iron


First of all you need to make a template for the bunting. On the scrap paper draw an isosceles triangle (basically a triangle with two side the same length). Our triangle was 14cm across the top (12cm+2cm seam allowance) and 19cm down (17cm+2cm seam allowance). Once drawn cut out and this will be your template.


Decide how many flags you would like your bunting to have. We decided to have 4 of each type of material so there would be 12 flags all together. For 12 flags you will need 8 triangles of each material. Pin your template to your material and cut out your desired number of triangles.


Once you have cut out all your triangles press them flat using the iron. This is to get rid of any creases which will make pinning and sewing them together easier.

After ironing all the triangles pin 2 triangles of the same colour material together, right sides together. Do this for all your triangles.

Sew together using either your sewing machine or hand sew using a needle and thread.

Turn all the bunting flags the right way out and press flat using the iron.


Fold the bias binding in half lengthways and press. The bias binding will be the material you attach all your flags to. After pressing, insert the flags into the biasing binding and pin into place, space them as you please. Make sure you work from the middle out to ensure you have enough bias binding so you can tie your bunting to something.


Attach using a sewing machine or needle and thread. Take care doing this as sometimes to the flags can slip from position.


You should now have your finished bunting!



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