Finished Project: Marie Antoinette

A lot of my friends and family have birthdays over the summer so I have a lot of projects to complete. One of my friends really likes Marie Antoinette and I was going to cross stitch a simple “let them eat cake” design and frame it in a hoop but I decided I wanted a change from cross stitch. I asked my friend, who is amazing at drawing, to sketch me a little design of Marie Antoinette which I could use as a template for a hand embroidery project. I love the design she created for me and hopefully I can do justice to it with the finished piece.


The design. How gorgeous is it?!


Supplies needed. I sewed this design onto muslin with meant that some of the detail of the original design was lost. I was worried the end piece wouldn’t look very good but it ended up working quite well.


The finished piece! (I definitely need to work on my hand embroidery skills)


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