New Project: Cath Kidston Rose Spray

I did a post on Cath Kidston’s Stitch! a while ago and this is one of the projects I marked to do in the future. The pattern is for a cushion but I am just stitching the design then framing it in one of my charity shop embroidery hoops. I think the pattern might end up being bigger than the frame which could either look interesting or rubbish so we will have to see. I’m not using the exact colours required, instead I’m digging into my supply of odds and ends. I was inspired to stitch up a Cath Kidston rose after seeing a post on I just thought the design was so simple and pretty so I picked a similar one from my Cath Kidston book.



I think after this project I am going to fully sink myself into finishing the HUGE banner I started for my mum in September, I wanted to finish it in time for her birthday in August but that may not happen…


3 thoughts on “New Project: Cath Kidston Rose Spray

  1. I’m sure it will look lovely especially using some of your own choice of colour. Roses have been a favourite motif throughout history.
    love Jane

  2. Ooh this looks lovely! I have the stitch book stashed away in my pile somewhere and I haven’t completed any projects out of it yet…I will have to revisit that one soon I think!

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