Cross Stitch for the 70s

Cross Stitch for the 70s is another Ebay find for only 55p! As I said in a previous post I really wanted to find some original 1970s cross stitch designs and this has hit the nail on the head. Its described as a book but I would call it a magazine as its only 22 pages long. There are some brilliant and authentic 1970s cross stitch patterns for cushions, tablecloths, a coffee cosy and trolley set, lunch mats, a runner, a traycloth and another trolley set as well as practical information for making the designs into the finished pieces. All the patterns have a simple colour scheme which allows the design to be the main focus. Again, I could rave about all the designs but I have taken a picture of my four favourite designs especially as the names of the projects weren’t very inspiring.


Cushion 1: This is the front cover of the magazine. I really like the geometric-aztec design of this cushion and that it looks like a slice of lime!


Cushion 2: I like how this piece seems to have been inspired by Native American patterns and is made up of simple shapes.


Cushion 3: This is my absolute favourite design and is probably the most intricate in the magazine. The flowers definitely give it that typically 70s vibe.


Traycloth: I’m not sure whether I’d actually turn the finished piece into a traycloth as I don’t really use trays. I love the simple use of colour on this design and the circular pattern.


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