Cath Kidston Sew! and Stitch!

I received Stitch! and Sew! from my friends for my birthday so I thought I would do a post on the books. A while ago The Guardian gave away free sample books of Sew! which I saved as I liked the look of some of the projects. However, they did not come with the patterns so I am really pleased I own the actual, full-length book. Each book comes with a free booklet of needles; embroidery needles came with Stitch! and sewing needles with Sew!. They also come with all the patterns needed for the projects which is really helpful as I am awful at making patterns and this often puts me off starting a project if I know I have to make my own patterns. For the Sew! projects I am going to invest in some Cath Kidston material to make the finished pieces look perfect.


This book has over 40 simple sewing projects which include gifts and household items such as bags, cushions, quilts and aprons. There are step-by-step instructions and details of the techniques needed to create the projects. I think this book will be a really good guide to refer back to if you were having difficulty with a certain sewing technique. For example, I want to try to make my own quilt and there are full instructions for quilting as well as easy to hard projects to get you used to quilting. The book is divided into 2 sections; techniques and projects. There are a wide range of techniques referred to such as making the patterns, hems and edges, seams, decorative details, fastenings, ties and handles and appliqué and quilting. I haven’t made anything from this book yet and could actually talk in detail about every project as they all look so good. I have chosen my favourite projects, which are:

  • Padded Placemats
  • Floral Napkins
  • Egg Cosy
  • Peg Bag
  • Quilted Hot Water Bottle
  • Knitting Needle Case
  • Jewellery Roll



The book, the patterns and the needle case.


This book has 30 simple needlepoint and cross stitch projects for items such as cushions, bags, purses and samplers. This is a must for me as I really like when cross-stitching is incorporated into a functional piece rather than just being a picture. Stitch! is another essential book for beginners as it covers all the basics of needlepoint, cross stitch and finishing the piece. I haven’t actually done any needlepoint so these basic instructions will be helpful if I ever wanted to try. Again, this book is split into 2 sections; techniques and projects. There are also colour conversion charts and a glossary at the back of the books which is really handy to refer back to. Most of the projects are needlepoint designs but I think it would be very easy to convert the patterns into cross stitch. What I really like about this book is how Cath Kidston has incorporated the designs from her material into the cross stitch and needlepoint designs, this is most apparent in the ‘Union Jack Cushion’. My favourite projects are:

  • Union Jack Cushion
  • Spray Flower Cushion
  • House Cushions
  • Spray Clutch Bag
  • Stanley Pencil Case
  • Lavender Hearts
  • Spot Tea Cosy
  • Bouquet Seat Cover
  • Cowboy Picture



Some of favourite patterns and the needle case. The ‘Union Jack Cushion’ design is second from the left at the top.

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