Colourful Easter Eggs

A belated Easter post. When I was tidying up yesterday I came across some egg dye I bought when I was in Berlin a couple of years ago and have never got around to using. I was having eggs for tea anyway so I thought this would be a perfect time to try out the dye. I blew the yolk and white out of the eggs using a handy little device my auntie bought me and my sister some years ago. I say “blew” but actually the device is a little pump which squirts the yolk and white out through a small hole in the bottom of the egg.
I then dyed the eggs with my dyes. In hindsight I wish I had diluted the colours more to make pastel colours but I was too eager to start dying my eggs!




I’m not sure what to do with them so they are currently sat on my window-sill. I had planned on threading thin ribbon through the holes so I could hang them in my window. However, my needle wasn’t long enough to reach through the egg so I haven given up for now and I’m going to scour the internet for ideas.


2 thoughts on “Colourful Easter Eggs

  1. Oh Jess, they’re lovely. You might be able to make a long needle using a piece of thin wire. If you haven’t got any let me know and I’ll send some. You could then add beads to the cotton or string you hang them with.

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