Paul Hollywood’s Easy White Bread

I had a go at making bread for the very first time the other day and it went pretty successfully (apart from the loaf could have done with 5 minutes less in the oven). I used Paul Hollywood’s Easy White Bread recipe on the BBC Food website which can be found here. The recipe was easy to follow and there was also an accompanying video so you could see how to do some of the trickier bead-making techniques such as kneading and knocking-out.




3 thoughts on “Paul Hollywood’s Easy White Bread

  1. Your bread looks really appetising, lovely with a bowl of homemade soup. I haven’t tried to make bread for years because it was never successful for me. Have you eaten lots of chocolate this weekend.

    1. we had it hot straight from the oven with butter on, it was so good. yes! i’ve eaten everything rich&rach sent, just got to work my way through mum&dad’s and nan&grand’. how was your easter weekend? happy birthday for yesterday too!

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