CrossStitcher 263

Another CrossStitcher full of inspiration! And I have no where near enough time to start any new projects. After I finish my masters I’m definitely going to be spending every free minute working my way through old CrossStitcher projects. These are the projects which caught my eye:

  • A cute bunny! I have been searching for a nice rabbit cross-stitch design for a while. Most of them are very twee and cutesy but this one is the right side of cute so I may try it out.
  • A 1960s/70s inspired cushion.
  • A cat doorstop. Another right-side-of-cute design and another practical make with combines cross-stitch with an affordable idea on how to display it.
  • The interview with Susan Fitzgerald of Red Gate Stitchery also provided some inspiration on new ways to display cross-stitch projects; on pendants and in small embroidery hoops.
  • As well as providing inspiration I was also pleasantly surprised to see a picture of my own work in the magazine in the ‘Your Stitching’ section. I sent in a picture of the beetle I made for my aunty’s birthday and it was printed!



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