Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day Gifts

I think my blog posts are going to be very sporadic for the foreseeable future due to the amount of university work I have to do. I’m going to write a few posts now and post them over the new few days so some of the content may be outdated slightly.

I made these little hearts a couple of weeks ago from some modelling clay I had left over from the snow globes I made for my Christmas hampers. I rolled the dough out flat then used different shaped biscuit cookers to cut the shapes out (I also cut out a couple of trees and stars but I haven’t decided what to do with them yet) and a skewer to make the holes. I cut these holes so I could make them into hanging decorations by threading them with twine or ribbon. After they had air-dried I sanded the rough edges then painted them red as it was Valentine’s day.

I made this 3 heart decoration for my mum for Mother’s day.


This single heart decoration was made for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day.



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