Owl Bookmark

This little guy only took a day to make and is for a friend’s birthday. She really likes to read and I noticed she didn’t have a bookmark for the book she was currently reading. I thought it would be the perfect excuse to try out one of the patterns from Issue 262 of CrossStitcher. CrossStitcher suggested using plastic canvas for this design but as I didn’t have any to hand I used 14-count aida then cut out the owl leaving a 2 square border of material. I then attached it to a white piece of card (then length of which can be seen in the second and third pictures) using double-sided tape. Next I attached a second piece of card to the bottom section of the bookmark only to make it more stable and to ensure the owl section wouldn’t flop around if unsupported.





Hope she likes it!

(The book I have photographed the bookmark in is a Jo Verso book I picked up from a charity shop. I really need to make my own sampler as she suggests as there are so many sweet designs in this and her other cross stitch books.)


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