Ombre Jumper and T-shirt

I have meaning to do a post on this jumper and t-shirt for a while. I saw an ombre jumper in Urban Outfitters a while ago but it was £98 which I would never be able to afford (or justifying buying) so I decided to make my own. Whilst reading A Pair and A Spare I came across this post on how to make your own ombre clothes. It took a while to find the right kind of jumper as a white jumper made of natural material is needed for the dye to work properly.

This is the result and I am quite pleased with them.



I would definitely suggest A Pair and A Spare for anyone wishing to make their own clothes or make alterations to existing pieces; the instructions are really easy to follow. There are a couple of the other projects I quite want to try out; the DIY Dries Van Noten Inspired Dip Dye jacket (as I have a denim shirt that doesn’t look quite right but I may alter it to look like this) and I would also like to crop a couple of my shirts using the DIY Cacharel Inspired collared midriff top method.

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