Christmas hamper 2012

As I forgot to take pictures of my 2012 Christmas hampers my aunty very kindly photographed the one I made for her mum and dad. Each hamper contained the following:


– A cookie jar; a kilner jar filled with all the dry ingredients needed for a batch of cookies. Attached is the recipe and a cookie cutter.


– A snowglobe and a pine cone decoration. I collected the pine cones on  a walk and dipped them in pva glue then gold glitter. The snowglobes were made from small jam jars with Christmas cake decorations glued to the top, the jars were then filled nearly to the top with  water, 1/3 tsp of silver glitter and a drop of glycerine (to make the glitter swirl), the lids were then glued on.


– A teacup candle. When I was moving house I cam across some lovely old teacups which I thought would be perfect for this project. For the candle, I followed the instructions in The Vintage Tea Party book.


– Spiced Apricot and Orange Chutney. I used Delia Smith’s recipe in her Christmas cook book.


There was also a couple of candy canes, a handmade Christmas cracker and some homemade fudge.


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