christmas hampers

Last Christmas (when I was a poor student) I decided to make Christmas “hampers” for my family. I use quotations marks as they were really hampers but little cardboard boxes. I made a variety of gifts for the hampers and had so much fun doing it that I have decided to do it again this year.

Each hamper contained: homemade peppermint cream stars, two homemade truffles (in homemade gift boxes), homemade chocolate fudge, homemade Christmas crackers, a jar of homemade chutney, a homemade felt Christmas tree decorations two candy canes I bought from Home Bargains for about £1 and card with a cross-stitched Christmas design.

This year I want to make the hampers to be even better. I’m going to make similar gifts to the ones mentioned above and include a few new things too. I have started a “Christmas Hamper Ideas” book to jot down ideas pulled from the web, magazines and cookery and craft books. So far Delia’s Christmas has given me ideas for chutneys and sweets, as has Asda’s instore magazine and Good Housekeeping. In terms of the internet Martha Stewart’s website has provided a wealth of inspiration as well as the many craft blogs I look at and Kirstie Allsopp’s section on Channel 4oD.

I’m hoping to include in this year’s hampers the following:

  • at least one cross-stitched item (definitely a card)
  • a snow-globe
  • sweets (probably 2 or 3 varieties)
  • biscuits
  • a cracker
  • chutney
  • a Christmas tree decoration/household decoration

I’m so excited to start them! Wish it was Christmas now…


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