the idea behind this blog

As much as I am using this blog to exhibit the bits and pieces that I cross-stitch, I also want to use this blog as a way of keeping a record of everything I have made and keep a note of on-going projects, projects for the future and finished pieces. I will probably also post pictures of other craft projects I have completed just as a record of them too.

At the minute I have a couple of projects on-the-go, which are:

  • A HUGE welcome banner that I am making for my parents as they have just moved house and I wanted to make something for it. This is it so far, I think it is going to be a very long-term project but hopefully will be finished by the new year.The pattern was a free Emily Peacock design which came with with CrossStitcher magazine (Issue 255). This is what I have done of it so far:


And this is what it should look like:


  • A cushion for a family member. I bought some ‘Magic Aida’ thinking it to be soluble canvas but it turns out it is aida with a soluble grid for easy cross-stitching so I am putting it to good use and making a camper-van cushion. The pattern was also in CrossStitcher magazine (Issue 256) and is a Jacqui P design. I will put a picture up when it is finished and has been given to said person, don’t want to ruin the surprise!
  • A Gustav Klimt inspired piece of cross-stitching which my aunty bought me for my birthday. I love Klimt and cross-stitching so it seemed like a good marriage of the two, however, it is also a huge piece so I dip into now and then. This is what it looks like so far:


And what it will look like:


  • A basket of flowers piece of cross-stitching which came from my Grandma’s house. She was the one who really got me into cross-stitching as she had always cross-stitched so I wanted to complete the kit she had intended to make. Again, it is a really hard piece of cross-stitching so I pick this one up now and again too. It is slow but steady work. This is what it looks like so far (I know its vvv dirty, I really need to put it onto an embroidery frame rather than use a hoop):


And what it will look like:


My projects for the future so far include:

  • Christmas cards for friends and family. I made some last year but unfortunately did not take any photographs so I can’t show them.
  • A Pride and Prejudice themed piece of free-hand embroidery which I purchased from Little Dorrit & Co. I have never attempted any free-hand embroidery so that will be interesting to start.
  • And just about everything from CrossSticther magazine! I love nearly everything included in this magazine and have just about tabbed every page of the three magazines I have as potential “things to make”. The cross-stitching projects featured in CrossStitcher are so inventive, contemporary and you can just imagine them being in your home. I have bought other cross-stitching magazines and found their projects a bit too twee or “old-fashioned” (and not in a good way!) for my taste.

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